Long Distance Ocean Man, an international event for lifesavers!

The Long Distance OceanMan is an event that is hosted since 2010. It was initially intended as a Dutch seasonclosing event, but since 2011 a seasonopening event has been added. The seasonclosing event is the big and international one, the seasonopening event is for Dutch athletes only and is hosted in a more modest version.

Both event conduct a 20,5k Oceanman, also intended for the female athletes, where the participants swim 2k, board 6k, ski 9k and finish off with a 3.5k run. This Oceanman event is only eligible for athletes that are from the age of 15 or older and they must have finished a normal Oceanman during an event in the previous season.

The seasonclosing event is also open for the athletes under the age of 15, these do not participate in the Oceanman. But for them we host a Surf race, Board race, a ‘Beach’ run and a small Oceanman (swim-board-run). These events also run over a longer distance than normal, the Surf race is about 800m, the board race 2k and the run is about 1k. The ‘junior’ events are conducted simultaneously with the LDOM, so that the juniors can watch the seniors.

The LDOM has always been hosted in cooperation with Koers  Zuid and we as organization are very grateful for the support they give us!


 Invitation LDOM 10-6-2017: Dowload.

When you want to participate in the LDOM, you must agree to the following Rules and regulation

Course maps for Seniors
SwimBoardSki and Run

Courses for Juniors and Masters will be explained at the spot and are visible from starting point.